Pros and cons of Bumble comparing to other top hookup apps

Get to know the pros and cons of Bumble app to decide whether you want to join it for casual sex and friendships. Best Bumble stats 2021 from the hookup experts 

Bumble is one of the apps all singles install when they’re in active search. It’s very popular, easy to use, and brings quick results motivating the users. There are some nuances to know though. 

Top ways to succeed on Bumble is to follow this hookup advice given by the experts. Get to know which categories of singles use the app and how to meet them for nsa affairs only. 

What is Bumble

Bumble is an ultra modern casual sex platform that allows women make the first step. A male user can surely thumb up on a girl’s profile, but it’s up to her whether to contact him for chat or not. 

Profiles are rated and the most visited or liked ones are promoted to the first positions. To know what is Bumble, it isn’t just match-based but also unites you with the best looking users who you might choose. 

201822 mln 
201935 mln 
202042 mln 
202143 mln 
2022 (expected)45+ mln 

Pros and cons of Bumble are really compared to Tinder but it brings more fun and variety into the process of online dating. It’s brighter, more entertaining, and less sexist since women are highly respected. 

How does Bumble work

Bumble has a contemporary swiping principle. Search is mostly location based, but there are other filters like age or height as well. When matched with smb, female members usually take the initiative. 

Moreover, a girl’s invitation to communicate isn’t endless. It is only active for 24 hours. If no one has unmatched during this period but a man didn’t respond, it’s prolonged for another day. 

Which gender prevails on Bumble

  • 18 – 24 Male 
  • 25 – 34 Male 
  • 35 – 44 Male 
  • 45 – 54 Equal 
  • 55+ Female 

This type of member structure is in fact typical for most hookup apps where guys are a bit more active but with age, women start wanting their piece of pie as well. If you wonder how does Bumble work. 

By the way, with its female friendly concept, Bumble is highly suitable for sugar mommas and sexy younger toyboys. In the real users’ reviews, many confess they use it for sugar dating too. 

Is Bumble free

Bumble is most loved for being free. Indeed, signing up, matching, and messaging are totally free options on this best app for hookups. Only extra features make it worthy of paying and the cost is ok. 

Pricing options

  • BumbleBoost 1 week – $10.99
  • BumbleBoost 1 month – $24.99
  • Lifetime subscription – $149.99
  • 30 coins – $37.99

Paid members can extend a contact possibility with their matches, get SuperSwipe, re-match again, and see who swiped right on them. SuperSwipe is a way to show a special interest to someone. 

Only 1.3 mln. Bumble users choose to upgrade to Premium if to ask is Bumble free. It makes sense when you’re dating online pretty intensively, and your search is either serious or very selective. 

How to delete Bumble account

There are several ways how to delete Bumble account. As reported, it is quicker and easier to delete it right from one’s profile settings, than by contacting the Bumble team on email. 

For this, just tap the profile icon and then scroll down until you see the Delete account option. Then it’s done permanently and you can either create a new one or not, depending on your desires. 

“I deleted my Bumble profile several times and made a new one soon after”, Chris from Philadelphia says. “But man, admins don’t like when smb is doing that multiple times. 

So if you’re vulnerable like myself and tend to change your decision often, try to at least create new accounts from other phone numbers and through other email addresses”. 

“I’m using Bumble for years now and have never felt the need to delete it”, Max from NYC says. “Pros and cons of Bumble are clear, it’s too efficient, free, and doesn’t take much space to ever get rid of it. 

Some guys do not realize, if they simply remove the app from their phone it won’t mean their profile is deleted too. It should be done through the settings only, right on the Bumble platform”. 

How to start a conversation on Bumble

  • Can a man start a conversation on Bumble? – No, he must wait for a girl’s message. 
  • Is Hey enough to start chatting? – Try to create more original pickup lines. 
  • How else can I show my interest? – With SuperSwipe and regular swipe right. 
  • Can I start with a sex offer? – It’s a dating app, so wait until a person is interested. 
  • Who writes first in a same-sex match? – Anyone can start a talk if it’s same-sex. 

Basically, nothing is complicated or too special in a chatting process on Bumble. The interface and functions are similar to what we see on other hookup apps with a swipe-based principle. 

Paid members have wider opportunities regardless of gender. For instance, they can re-match even after the first chat invite is expired, and express extra interest with such an ice-breaker as SuperSwipe. 

How does Bumble work for men

Most men find it positive that girls on Bumble can choose whether to reply or not. It increases the value of their response and makes a man feel kind of proud when he is selected.

Others realize that Indian and Turkish men’s attitude on dating apps is way too intense at times. High quality girls may sort out the guys they wish to correspond with, instead of the time waste. 

  • One cannot see the list of girls who swiped right on him unless he’s a paid member. 
  • One can easily catch a cougar sponsoring him if he uploads some sexy pics. 
  • For gay men, Bumble is more convenient since anyone can start a conversation. 
  • Guys are getting the match notification but should wait for the girl’s first step. 
  • There’s no discrimination regarding the payment, girls can upgrade just like men. 

In general, Bumble isn’t specially advantageous or disadvantageous for guys comparing to other hookup apps. Chances to get laid or start dating are similar to those on top popular sites. 

How to cancel Bumble Boost subscription

Please do not try to cancel your Bumble Boost subscription by contacting the app team, admins warn. It is easily done right in the user’s profile, within the Bumble Boost subscription settings. 

“I was a paid member on Bumble at some period and it involves certain nuances”, Bob from Tampa shares. “First, all payments made within the app are non-refundable, their Terms and Conditions say. 

I can understand them, since only a very small percent of members choose to upgrade, so the developers do not earn much. Second, the Bumble Boost subscription isn’t actually worth of the money. 

You can try it out for one month just to feel the difference, and then cancel it. It’s easy to do, no stress, just the app is going to ask you for the approval. Then it’s accomplished in minutes”. 

How to change location on Bumble

It can be considered a disadvantage, but the Bumble user location cannot be changed manually. One can only update / refresh it if he currently relocated or have been offline for a while.

For this, click on your profile pic, then Settings, and scroll down to Location. Tap the Refresh button and the current city status will be updated. Bingo, you can start a new search now. 

US Bumble stats 


The majority of Bumble users in US are from urban areas. Whatever location you set up, chances are higher if it’s a big capital city. 11+ mln. active members are from the USA. 

How to change age on Bumble

The age on Bumble cannot be changed manually, once it’s already adjusted upon registering. This action is restricted to reduce the fraud or lies. Yet, one can request the age change via the Bumble team. 

It’s enough to contact them in any social network under the username bumblesupport, or via email [email protected] Write your login, email address, current age and correct age. 

  • 25-34: 1st place
  • 18-24: 2nd place
  • 35-44: 3rd place 
  • 55-64: 4th place
  • 45-54: 5th place

Young members 25+ healthily prevail on Bumble. As the team reports, there are usually many cases when legal teens want to seem older and 55+ singles want to seem younger. 

Exactly for this reason, modifying the age section isn’t manual and cannot be done often. 

Is Bumble better than Tinder

Bumble is often compared to Tinder since they’re both the world giants of dating online. Yet, no one can beat the Tinder leadership, and that’s a fact. Let’s see in which matters Bumble is better.

  • Higher security level, new Bumble profiles are checked more thoroughly.
  • Less superficial, since users’ brief bio is seen when swiping, not just their photos. 
  • Less sexist, since women dominate and choose whether to give their allowance.
  • Bizz and BFF extra features and there are no analogues on Tinder. 
  • Most members use Bumble for free vs millions of Tinder Gold and Plus users. 

To be fair, there are some cons too if to compare them. First of all, Tinder offers a three times bigger choice of singles. Secondly, the paid subscription is 1.5 times pricier. 

Tinder is a bit more LGBT-friendly and attracts more niche users. Via Tinder, one can additionally connect to Spotify, Snapchat, and so on. The overall rate is a bit higher too. 

So, it’s up to users to decide which pros and cons of Bumble are more important to them. 

What is the Bumble Hive 

Bumble isn’t just an average hookup app with boring features, there are some special and unique ones too. Hive is one of such options and it’s definitely fun to use, real members say. 

“As a devoted Bumble user for years, I am fond of Hive as well. It’s in fact a hub of ideas where folks can advertise their events, either connected with sex subcultures or with the business. 

I love Bumble Hive since it keeps you updated and in tune with progressive trends in big cities. Whether you travel and see the world or stay home, it refreshes you with Bumble folks announcements”. 

Can I join Bumble without Facebook

Since Bumble app has an ambition to be called a social network, not just for sex positive people but also for platonic friendships and business connections, it insists to sign up via FB only.

Tolerate this a bit and you’ll feel the advantages. First, such an approach guarantees all members are real, as you can check their authentic Facebook pages and so do the admins.

Second, there’s always the way to restore the profile data easily and re-upload the main photo right from the FB page. It’s an additional guarantee and shows the overall quality of the Bumble app.